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From the beginning, Lyrical Rose Coaching has been driven by the support and flexibility needed by our incredible community - that means you! Lyrical Rose Coaching offers online coaching via email, designed to fit in with your lifestyle - without the need for making time to attend meetings, finding childcare or time off work, and ensuring less anxiety for clients that may feel overwhelmed by traditional face to face methods. This also allows Lyrical Rose Coaching to be entirely client focused, rather than time focused. 


If there is a specific area of your life that you would like support in, there are various 6 week packages* to choose from. There is also a 'Let's Explore' option for those that are new to coaching or are unsure of requirements yet, and a 'Momentum' option for those that would like to receive ongoing support.


Simply choose the option that best fits your requirements here, checkout, complete the coaching agreement**, and you'll receive your first email from me! There is no requirement of minimum or maximum number of emails on either side, so be sure to make the most of the support on offer.

Email opening hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm***. This being said, the beauty of email coaching is that you can email whenever suits you!

* Based on 30 working days, not including weekends. Once a 6 week package is purchased, you will receive an email outlining your start date & time, and end date & time (all dates and times based on UK GMT/BST).

** Coaching cannot begin until the agreement has been signed and returned to

*** Opening hours are based on UK GMT/BST. You can email at any time, but these are the hours in which I will be checking emails and actively responding. I may sometimes have availability to respond outside of these hours, but this is not to be expected. Please note that I cannot always respond immediately.


If you are in an emergency or crisis, please seek support from services designed to support in such situations - eg your local police force, mental health team etc.

Coaching Options

Let's Explore Package

Would you like some support and clarity in your life but not sure where to start? Does everything seem a bit 'foggy' and you don't know where to turn next? Or perhaps you're feeling deflated but not sure why. Let's explore together and get your Moving Forward Positively journey on the road.

Positive Parenting Package

Whether you're a stay at home parent, working part time or full time, single parenting or coparenting, the journey isn't always easy. Sometimes we feel out of our depth, and sometimes we just need a little support. With this package, we will explore positive parenting strategies that could work for YOUR situation, as well as identifying resilience & wellbeing strategies for yourself. From one parent to another - let's build a community that supports each other.

Financial Independence Package

Whether you're looking to build up savings, make your money go further, become more financially independent within your relationship, pay off debt or all of the above, this package will help you to explore your habits, your priorities and your endless possibilities, whilst discussing practical steps in moving forward with your goals.

Healthy Relationship Package

It can be hard to know what is a 'mistake' and what is regularly unhealthy behaviour within a relationship. This package allows you the opportunity to explore and reflect on these things, empowering you to recognise healthy boundaries and expectations within a relationship. This package is suitable for exploring romantic relationships, friendships, family relationships and others.

Life After Domestic Abuse Package

Body Image & Health Package

When you've experienced domestic abuse of any type, you can begin to question everything. With this package we will work together to rebuild your life, whatever that may involve. With techniques tailored specifically to supporting survivors, we can create a stronger, happier, healing you.

Female Empowerment Package

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed in a rather male dominated world - whether in business or home life. This can also be especially so after having children. Here, together we can build your confidence in yourself, your skills, your knowledge... your worth! Let's unlock exactly what YOU bring to the table, no matter your age or stage in life. YOU ARE AMAZING!

Our world too often focuses on our body as a way of measuring our worth, and sadly we often fall into this trap when thinking about our own worth. Whether you are battling with weight worries, want to gain a more positive outlook to body image and self love, or simply make more time to put your own health first, this is a package designed with positivity and love at the forefront.

Momentum Support

For clients that would prefer continuous support, this is a rolling monthly subscription that has no definitive end date - you decide how long you would like to engage in your coaching! This is an ideal option for clients that have multiple parts of their life that they would like to work on, and for those that hope to receive long term support.

If you’d like more information about online coaching, get in touch today.

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